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Sky Valley Rules and Regulations

Last update: September 4, 2004

The Board of Directors of Sky Valley Association, Inc., pursuant to the powers vested in it under Section 5.08 and 5.09 of the By-Laws, has from time to time adopted these rules and regulations governing the use of the Valley by its members, their guests and persons who rent properties here from members. Members shall be responsible for the payment of any fines due to any violations of these rules by their guests or renters.

A. General Rules

1.0 The speed limit for all vehicles on all Sky Valley roads including the public access is 15 MPH.

1.1 No firearms or other weapons may be discharged in Sky Valley. No sporting weapons (bow and arrow etc.) may be used. No hunting of any kind is permitted.

1.2 Open fires are permitted only as campfires and are not permitted to burn brush or trash. Open fires must be contained and are permitted only in the camping area or on members’ property. The containment shall be inspected and issued a written permit by the Sky Valley Manager prior to use. Generally, containment by either earth-pit-with-rock-enclosure or prefabricated, non-combustible container is acceptable. Fires shall be of reasonable size. There shall be a minimum of 10 feet of clear space around the containment (including10 feet of overhead clearance from branches). Preferably, fire containment will have spark-containing screening and be approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories. No open fires will be permitted when the Sky Valley entry sign states that fire danger level is “High.” No fires will be started or continued unless an adult is present and unless there is at least 5 gallons of water or working water hose within close proximity to the fire. The fire shall be extinguished with water when finished. The member shall be held responsible for any damage caused by fire.

1.3 Fireworks or firecrackers of any kind are not to be ignited in Sky Valley at any time.

1.4 Tents and other camping equipment may be used in the camping area only. Usage of the camping area is limited to members only and for periods not to exceed two weeks.

1.5 All pets must be kept under control of the owner at all times.

1.6 The following rules apply to trash and garbage disposal:

a. No trash or garbage collection is available anywhere on Sky Valley grounds. Trash or garbage shall not be left anywhere on the grounds including the beaches, boat docks, or boat ramps.
b. Most member trash and garbage will be bagged and deposited by the household occupant in the central compactor on Sky Valley Drive across from the Lodge. Instructions for operation and exceptions to the types of trash and garbage to be deposited in the compactor are posted at the compactor.
c. Recyclable items may be deposited in the Recycling Center behind the stockade gate between the Manager’s office and the barn near the Lodge.
d. Brush and logs may be delivered to the burn pile near the compactor only when the burn pile is in operation as designated by the sign at the burn pile.
e. The Sky Valley Manager is available at 301-387-7190 for assistance with oversized items and for suggestions for the disposition of items that are excepted from deposit in the compactor.

1.7 Violations of Sky Valley Rules and Regulations will require assessment of fines. The following fine schedule is in effect for violations within any fiscal year period:

a. First violation - $50.00
b. Second violation - $100.00
c. Third violation - $250.00 and suspension of privileges
A member will be notified in writing of the assessment of a fine for any rule violation. The notification will specify the violation and contain a suspense date for member response to the assessment. Either the member must pay the fine or appeal the assessment in writing to the Board of Directors by the suspense date. Failure to do either will result in suspension of privileges of membership until the fine is paid or the assessment is appealed. In the case of appeal, the process of by-law 5.081(d) shall apply. If the appeal is denied, a new suspense date will be set by which the fine must be paid or membership privileges will be suspended.

1.8 No clear-cutting of trees on a lot is permitted. The consequences of clear-cutting are destructive and contrary to the philosophy of the Sky Valley Homeowner’s Association. The homeowner, logger, and Sky Valley Manager shall meet in advance of any tree cutting to agree upon the extent of the cutting. Only those trees necessary for construction shall be cut. The logger shall clearly mark all trees to remain with survey tape or similar material. The logger shall coordinate his visit for the cutting with the Sky Valley Manager who shall oversee the operation to ensure the marked trees are not damaged during the cutting. If any tree that is marked for survival is cut or damaged to the extent survival is unlikely, it shall be replaced with trees of the same species and equivalent caliper size, e.g., 1-16” caliper red oak replaced w/ 4-4” caliper red oaks or 8-2” caliper red oaks. Additionally, violation of the procedure shall result in a fine.

1.9 Building Contractors must agree to provide a porta potty for their crew prior to issuance of a Sky Valley Building Permit.

B. Vehicle Rules

2.0 All members are to display the Sky Valley decal on their cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any other vehicle that is registered for use on public roads to identify the vehicle as belonging in Sky Valley. They are to be pasted on rear of the vehicle. Decals may be obtained from the Manager.

2.1 All guests or renters must display a temporary permit which may be obtained from the Manager. This is to be placed above the dashboard. (Members may secure these for guests/renters and they may supply them to their rental agents.)

2.2 No vehicle may park at the Beach or Marina areas without a decal or temporary permit.

2.3 The Marina Road is designated as one-way running from the Beach Parking Lot to Marina One. This will allow for parking on both sides and should make the traffic flow smoother.

2.4 Parking along Sky Valley roads must be done in a manner that will allow safe access of both members' and emergency vehicles. If you are entertaining guests at your property, as a general rule you should permit parking on one side of the road only, ensuring that two vehicles can still pass. Under no circumstances will parking be allowed along Sky Valley roads when snow plowing becomes necessary. For guidance on parking under special circumstances contact the Manager.

2.5 Only Sky Valley members, their family and their guests may operate recreational vehicles in Sky Valley. Short term renters are not permitted to operate recreational vehicles in Sky Valley.

2.6 All recreational vehicles of any kind shall be registered. Registration is by lot number and plates must be obtained from the Manager. This applies to any vehicle not registered for use on public roads even though it never leaves Sky Valley.

2.7 Identification plates for recreational vehicles must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle and be plainly visible at all times.

2.8 All recreational vehicles shall be operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations for each vehicle. The Board of Directors strongly recommends that owners familiarize themselves with their manufacturer's recommendations. Parents shall be responsible for overseeing the usage of four wheelers (or any other recreational vehicles) by their children.

2.9 All operators of and passengers on dry road recreational vehicles under the age of 18 must wear protective helmets, and any other protective clothing recommended by the manufacturer.

2.10 All snowmobile operators and passengers should wear helmets.

2.11 No more than one passenger in addition to the driver is permitted on a recreational vehicle at one time.

2.12 Recreational vehicles may be operated from 7:30 AM until sunset for riders under age 16. Members age 16 and over may also operate their vehicles until midnight, but only for transportation purposes from one location to a specific destination.

2.13 All recreational vehicles must have standard factory installed mufflers.

2.14 All recreational vehicles must be operated on Sky Valley roads only, except as provided in 3.1.

2.15 Any member wishing to purchase a new type of Recreational Vehicle for use in Sky Valley must submit full descriptive material to the Board of Directors before bringing such vehicle to Sky Valley. No license shall be issued by the Manager until approval from the Board of Directors has been received. The vehicle shall not be ridden without the Sky Valley license.

C. Waterfront Rules

3.0 The Sky Valley Launch Ramp is restricted to use by Sky Valley members, guests, or renters who are taking their boat to an assigned Sky Valley dock. There is no day use of the launch ramp and there shall be no parking of boat trailers in the launch ramp area at any time. This does not restrict use of the launch ramp for personal watercraft, canoes, jon-boats, and their trailers.

3.1 Handicap access to the beach and marina is available for those with true medical handicaps. You must contact the manager to get a handicap tag which allows you to drive a handicap person down to beach and marina.

3.2 No boats or jetskis are permitted inside the swimming area marked by buoys. No skiers may be picked up from or discharged toward the swimming area. No pickup or discharge of passengers from the swim floats or beach shoreline is permitted.

3.3 No pets will be permitted to run out of control on the boat docks. Owners must clean up any excrement left by their dog in the marina area. Pets are to be kept away from the picnic tables where other people are eating.

3.4 No pets are allowed in the swimming area, beach or water, even though the animal is on a leash. The entire area on the buffer strip which starts at the parking area is considered to be "the beach".

3.5 Fishing is not permitted inside the swimming area marked by buoys at anytime of the year. We ask your cooperation not to fish in this area at any time because snagged fishing hooks and lures may cause injury to persons swimming in this area during the season.

3.6 Cutting and cleaning of fish is not permitted on the boat docks, as it may result in either health or safety hazards.

D. Rules Governing Corporate Membership

4.0 A corporate member of Sky Valley shall remain in good standing and be entitled to use the streets, roads, common ground, parking, pedestrian easement and other recreational facilities within Sky Valley that are owned by or under the control of the Association only if the following conditions are met:

a. The Board of Directors is provided evidence of the good standing of the corporate member under the laws of the State of Maryland and also provided a copy of the Articles and By-Laws of the corporate member. The corporation must continue at all times to be in good standing under the laws of the State of Maryland.

b. The corporate member shall be required to designate not more than five persons who, subject to satisfying the other conditions set forth herein, shall be entitled to use the facilities of Sky Valley.

c. The corporate member shall be liable for all dues, assessments and other charges incurred by the corporation as a member in Sky Valley and the corporation shall also be liable for any fines, penalties or other charges assessed to or imposed upon any individual persons utilizing the corporate membership.

d. Each individual person employing the corporate membership shall also be responsible and liable for any dues, assessments, fines, penalties or other charges assessed to or imposed upon those persons employing corporate membership.

e. Each year, the corporation shall be required to supply to the Board of Directors a specific list of the five persons whom the corporation designates as being entitled to use Sky Valley facilities. Any use of Sky Valley facilities by other persons purporting to exercise rights of the corporate membership shall result in the suspension and, in the discretion of the Board of Directors, revocation of privileges of membership of the corporate member and its designees for a period of not less than six (6) months.

f. The corporate member and all individuals using facilities of Sky Valley under the corporate membership shall be subject to all other rules and regulations of the Association and other terms and conditions set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association.

E. Rules Governing Violations

5.0 Violations of rules set forth above by the Sky Valley Association, Inc. can result in fines or suspension of privileges. The Sky Valley Association By-Laws specifically provide the authority to impose such fines and suspension of privileges.

5.1 For Fine Schedule see 1.7, which applies to all rules.

5.2 In the event a fine is levied the recipient may appeal in accordance with provisions of Sky Valley By-Laws Clause 5.081(d).

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