Sky Valley Gate

Sky Valley Management


Residents and guests are responsible for bringing trash to the compactor. The compactor is in a lighted area and is available at all hours.

Residents and guests should place trash in the compactor and close the compactor door. The maintenance crew will check the compactor periodically and operate the compactor when needed.

Please do not put the following in the compactor:

  • Paint and oil
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Flammables, such as propane tanks, gasoline cans, and similar items
  • Scrap metal, tires, and lumber and building materials
  • Large household items, such as stoves, washers, dryers, and furniture

Please do not leave any trash in or around the building.

People with physical limitations that would prevent them from bringing their trash to the compactor should contact the manager (301-387-7190) to request trash service.

Brush should be disposed of at the burn pile when it is open (generally, from after Labor Day until before Memorial Day weekend). Please do not put leaves in the burn pile.

Glass and metal containers may be recycled. Please place these items in the recycling barrels near the maintenance buildings.

Please contact the manager for assistance in disposing of large items and leaves.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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