Approved: February 1998


This policy attempts to ensure full utilization of Sky Valley's docks and to provide access to the lake for a large number of Sky Valley property owners.

The objectives of this policy are to encourage:

a. approved use of the launch ramp,
b. use of pool docks, and
c. voluntary time-sharing of docks.

For purpose of this policy, a "member" is defined as the owner of a lot in Sky Valley, as defined in Article 3, section 3.01, of the Sky Valley By-Laws.


I. Boat slip usage will be governed by the following policies:

A. The slip usage season will be published in the Sky Valley newsletter and in a notice included with membership invoices. No boat shall remain in the water past the "out" date. Violators shall lose their dock privileges.

B. Members must use only their assigned numbered slip. Trading of boat slip assignments is prohibited, unless approved in writing by the manager.

C. No member of Sky Valley shall be entitled to or use more than one dock as long as there is a waiting list for docks.

D. Docks are to be occupied exclusively by members in good standing of Sky Valley Association; provided, however, that house guests or renters of the member's cottage may use a member's dock if that member removes his boat temporarily and prior written notice of such intended use is given to the manager.

E. Payment for use of a dock must be accompanied by a copy of the boat registration indicating member ownership or co-ownership. A boat must be owned or co-owned by the member requesting the dock and it must be docked at Sky Valley as its permanent dock. (If the boat registration is not available, other proof of member ownership or co-ownership will be considered.)

Definition of "Boat": The term "boat", as used herein, shall mean a powerboat, sailboat, or personal watercraft large enough that it cannot be easily beached or racked. Generally, such craft must be a minimum of 16 feet in length and/or have a 25 hp engine, or be a personal watercraft more than 500 pounds in gross weight as determined by the manufacturer's certificate of origin. Small craft such as rowboats, canoes, hovercraft, sailboats less than 16 feet in length, or personal watercraft of 500 pounds or less in gross weight will not qualify.

F. All Association fees, dock usage fees, and other outstanding obligations must be paid on time and in full to obtain a dock. "On time" means postmarked by the due date on the invoice or bill.

G. Slips will be assigned each year in the following order of priority:

  1. Each year the Board of Directors shall designate a number of pool docks, the number of which shall be determined by the Board, to be made available for short-term rental.
  2. Improved lot -- Dock assigned previous summer - Qualified boat owner.
  3. Unimproved lot -- Dock assigned previous summer - Qualified boat owner.
  4. Improved lot -- No dock assigned previous summer - Qualified boat owner.
  5. Unimproved lot -- No dock assigned previous summer - Qualified boat owner.
  6. Multiple users -- Qualified boat owners may request and be granted use of more than one slip. The principle to be used in assigning multiple slips will be to maximize the number of members who have multiple slips and to maximize the number of members who have boat slips. For example, if a member has three slips and another member who has one slip requests a second slip and no unassigned slips are available, the member with three slips will be required to give up one slip, which will then be assigned to the member requesting a second slip. Also, if a member has more than one slip and a member who has no slip requests a slip, the member with multiple slips will be required to give up one slip, which will then be assigned to the member requesting a slip. Members will be required to give up their multiple slips in reverse order in number of slips and reverse order in which such slips were assigned; that is, the member with the greatest number of slips will be the first required to give up a slip when needed, and if two or more members have an equal number of slips and are the members with the greatest number of slips, the one last assigned will be required to give up a slip, which will then be assigned to the member requesting a slip.
  7. Personal watercraft more than 500 pounds in gross weight.

Definition of "Qualified Boat Owner": The term "qualified boat owner", as used herein, shall mean a member in good standing who owns or co-owns a validly-registered powerboat or sailboat (but not a personal watercraft), as defined in section E of this policy.

Time-sharing docks and short-term usage will be made available to members and renters as provided in paragraphs L and M, below.

Within any category, docks shall be allocated on a basis of seniority as established by years of continuous dock usage.

H. Priority listing for slip usage shall be forfeited for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to pay fees by due date;
  2. Failure to provide requested boat registration;
  3. Failure to indicate renewal by specified date on statement;
  4. Sale of property to which a slip has been assigned, except in the following instances:

    a. If the member owns other improved property in Sky Valley, he/she may retain seniority;

    b. If a member purchases improved property which is under contract at the time of closing on existing property, he/she may retain seniority (closing on the new purchase must occur within 60 days of the sale of existing property for the member to retain his/her seniority); or

    c. If a member sells his/her improved property and purchases a lot with intentions to build, he/she may retain the slip providing:

    i. The lot is purchased prior to closing on the improved property,

    ii. Building plans are submitted and approved prior to closing, and

    iii. Ground breaking takes place within 6 months of closing on existing improved property.

  • Dock usage shall be immediately terminated and priority listing forfeited for any of the following reasons:

    a. misuse or damage to marina facilities by member, guests, or renters;

    b. violation of boat slip policy;

    c. suspension of member's privileges as outlined in the By-Laws.

  • I. After all available slips have been assigned, those members wishing a slip will be placed on a permanent waiting list for each category as set forth in section G, with seniority established by the postmarked date of the written request. As slips become available for full or part season, they will be assigned from this list, in accordance with this policy.

    If a member comes to the top of the list and does not elect to take a slip or does not qualify as a boat owner, that person may elect to remain on the waiting list in that position. The next senior member will then be solicited. Members will be given 2 weeks to respond to the offer of a slip.

    Members failing to meet any Sky Valley financial obligation will be removed from the waiting list.

    J. Slip assignment and location will be administered by the manager under supervision of the Board of Directors. Efforts will be made to accommodate special requests and to assign the same slip in successive years.

    K. A member who does not own a boat shall not be granted dock usage privileges under this policy but will be placed on the waiting list as outlined in section I.

    L. Pool docks. These docks will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for use by members upon request, and subject to availability. The manager will be responsible for accepting requests for and scheduling the use of such docks. Applications must be made in writing indicating name, lot number, and dates requested in order of priority. A usage fee, based on a pro-rata percentage of the seasonal usage fee, shall be paid to the Association prior to usage.

    Members may request more than one such rental period and the manager will make every effort to honor all requests to the extent possible in light of demand by others.

    After all member requests for their own use have been honored, requests for renters will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis using the same method outlined above. The member or agent must submit an application to the manager and upon notification pay the fee in advance.

    M. Time-Sharing Docks. Members are encouraged to time-share their dock with other members and to indicate to the manager willingness to share a dock for part of the season. The manager will handle time-sharing requests. The member agreeing to use a dock, on a time-sharing basis, will not forfeit his/her seniority in determining priority under section G. Usage fees for the dock will be reduced by a pro-rata percentage of the seasonal usage fee for each week a member agrees to time-share. Please indicate to the manager if you are willing to share your dock for part of the season and receive a rebate on your seasonal usage fee. The manager will use the waiting list for dock assignment to solicit time-sharing participants. Time-sharing will not affect a member's position on the waiting list.

    N. Any violation of the dock policy or obvious intention to deviate from it shall result in loss of dock privileges.

    O. All matters concerning interpretation of this policy shall be resolved by the Board of Directors, whose decision shall be final.

    II. The following rules will apply to the marina area:

    A. Access to the launch ramp will be controlled by chain and lock. Association members may request a key after outstanding dues are paid.

    B. A limited amount of dock space is available for large boats, and such boats must be moored in specifically-assigned slips only. Check with the manager on the availability of dock space for large boats.

    C. The dock system accommodates two boats per bay with mooring on one side only. If two adjoining members in a wide bay request a single slip, Sky Valley will purchase a dividing section, and bill the two members a one-time, non-refundable charge to cover the purchase. The section will remain the property of Sky Valley Association, and usage of the single slip will cost no more per month than the standard usage fee.

    D. No vehicles or trailers may be parked on the buffer strip between the launch ramp chain access and the Lake, per Department of Natural Resources regulation.

    E. Canoes, sailboats, and jon-boats should be kept on the racks provided by Sky Valley.

    F. Personal watercraft weighing more than 500 pounds gross weight may be parked on the on-shore ramps during daylight hours but must be removed by sunset. Such craft may not be parked on the on-shore ramps between sunset and sunrise. Personal watercraft weighing 500 pounds or less may be parked overnight on the on-shore ramps for short periods of time. These racks are for the shared usage of members but not for full seasonal use by any one member.

    G. Only products made specifically for dock padding (for example, bumpers, rub strips, and wheels, but not carpeting or tires) may be used on the docks. Fire hose in good condition is also acceptable.

    H. The dock on the side of the launch ramp area nearest the end of the cove may be used by members and their guests and renters on a first-come, first-served basis for loading, unloading, and short-term (but not overnight) parking. Overnight docking is permitted only in the numbered slips of this dock.

    I. All personal watercraft using the Sky Valley launch ramp, shore, or boat slips must be registered with the Sky Valley manager by presenting the proper registration documentation of ownership, weight, and vessel number. The manager will issue owners a color-coded sticker which must be clearly displayed on the personal watercraft at all times. This registration requirement applies to members and their guests and renters. Violations of this requirement may result in fine or loss of marina privileges.

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